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A demo to plot function graphs. It uses JEP to evaluate expressions and reproduce the points. The graphical part is done using LayeredCanvas and CartesianGraph.

This application is on the CVS and included in the download package.



An academic project, presented in my computer graphics discipline. It is a laboratory to test matrix linear transformations. It's interface is unique and very interative. The canvas and points are draggable and you can easily zoom any region using the mouse whell, you can point-and-click to add a new point and the tool bar let you easily test any kind of transformation in the polygon. You can download the entire source code here. The application is in Portuguese (Brazil).


Centro de Controle de Pátios

A commercial application to control a train yard in real time. It allows you to place shunting and it comunicates via wireless network (satellite or GPRS) with the pony engines. The rendering is done using the LayeredCanvas architecture and you can interate with the waggons dragging them from a yard's line to another.



A chronologic graph to schedule tasks to resources. This demo has been developed using the GanttGraph to be published in a Java Magazine in Brazil and it's not included in the download package.



A part of a commercial application done with LayeredCanvas. It is a real Gantt graph, with series and parallel tasks, critical path calculation and PERT otimization.


licensed under LGPL © 2006 swt graph - felipe santos andrade
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